Best tips to Lose Weight with yoga and exercise in 2021

To stay healthy and fit, as much as proper diet is necessary, equally important is exercise, due to which our weight get controlled. Exercise is the key to a healthy life and happy life. For this reason, it becomes necessary to give an important place to exercise in our daily routine. In this article, you will find out how to lose weight with yoga and exercise.

Best tips to Lose Weight with yoga and exercise

Just as air, water, and food are necessary for survival, exercise is necessary to keep the body healthy and fit. Due to its deficiency or not doing it regularly, the human body becomes weak and home to many diseases. By exercising daily routinely, the body remains light and healthy. Exercise should always be done in that much quantity that you may feel tired, but you should not get too much tired that you can’t do anything more.

As the circulation of power increases, the exercise time can be increased. Exercising beyond the strength of the body can prove to be harmful. Keep in mind, exercise contributes significantly to making the body fit as well as healthy. There are different types of exercise for different people. Some are meant to make the body healthy and some are helpful in keeping the body disease-free. Let us try to know about some such weight loss yoga and exercises, by which the aging effect can be reduced by around 10 years.

Focus on sports

Group sports are useful for much more than just exercising. Sports are not only for fun, but physical exercise is also done through it. But not all sports are equally useful. It also depends on the usefulness of the game, the speed of the game, the strength it takes, muscle coordination, ability to bear pressure, etc.

Weight loss by running/walking

Walking is very useful for people of all ages (especially those affected by heart diseases). Apart from the physical benefits, it also provides stamina and relaxation. About 50 calories of energy are spent walking one kilometer at a moderate pace. So, to lose weight by walking, we should walk as much as possible.

Bring yoga to life

So, what yoga is? Yoga is a wonderful exercise, in which basically three things are done –Yoga Asanas, Mudras, and Bandhas. Yoga requires both physical and mental discipline. Regular yoga prevents diseases like heart disease, blood vessel disease, diabetes and obesity.

weight loss with yoga

Understand the limits of yoga

Any asana can be done three to five times and yoga one to two times. Do not hold your breath for a long time in Pranayama like Anulom-Vilom, Kapalbhati, and Bhastrika, otherwise, dizziness and vomiting may occur. Prolonging the headstand can lead to dizziness and an increase in blood pressure. Therefore, learn or do all the exercises only under the supervision of an expert.

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Rules to follow

For starters: Avoid doing too much exercise in the initial days. Exercise according to the trainer. Doing more exercise than said in a week can cause trouble to the body.

Warm-up: Before starting the exercise, do a warm-up, so that your body can be fully prepared. If you ignore the warm-up, it can be harmful to your body.

According to age: Choose the exercise according to your age and do consult an expert before starting. If you have any health-related problem, then take special care of it.

Care of food: Along with exercise, take special care of diet and eat fast-digesting food. They help in building muscles in the body. Here you can check, how to prepare a diet plan to lose weight.

Exercises that are not effective:

·         Aerobics exercise makes the body flexible and strong, but it is not as capable of reducing fat.

·         Losing weight with spot training is not easy. It would be better to combine these with cardio exercises.

·         Doing sit-ups, crunches and abs exercises does not reduce belly fat.

·         Unless you mix cardio with weight training, it doesn't contribute to weight loss and you're sweating in vain.

·         Applying sit-ups with straight legs is pointless. It doesn't do any good. By applying sit-ups in this way, the possibility of injury to the back increases.

yoga for weight loss


Time and benefits of exercising

Benefits of morning exercise

·         Morning exercise makes you regular.

·         This exercise increases appetite.

·         It improves sleep.

Benefits of evening exercise

·         Evening exercise saves energy.

·         Exercise relieves stress.

·         Increases stamina.

Side effects of quitting exercise

·         Flexibility is affected by not exercising.

·         Leaving exercise reduces muscle power.

·         Leaving exercise in illness leads to poor fitness.

·         The ability of the body's digestive system is reduced.

When not to exercise

·         Never exercise immediately after having a meal.

·         Do not exercise if you have fever or muscle pain.

·         Sleeping immediately after exercising at night causes damage.

·         If you have not got enough sleep at night, do not exercise forcefully.

·         Do not exercise in front of or under a fast moving fan.

·         If there is any problem in exercising, then consult a specialist.

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