Diabetes Type 1 And Diabetes Type 2: There are two diabetes types. Check diabetes types and diabetes treatment here

 Diabetes Type 1 And Diabetes Type 2

Hearing diabetes type-1 and diabetes type-2, the question that often comes to people's mind is that what is diabetes 1 and 2? What's the difference between them? How diabetes is caused by ?

First of all, understand why diabetes is a disease?

If there is any disturbance in our lifestyle and eating habits for a long time, then the working system of our body also starts messing up. Something similar happens in the case of diabetes.

When the pancreas in our body stops producing insulin, then the level of glucose starts increasing in our blood and if this level is not controlled, then we become a patient of sugar.


There are two types of diabetes

There are two diabetes types : Diabetes Type 1 and Diabetes Type 2. Type-1 diabetes is the one that we have genetically, that is, if any of the parents, grandparents have been suffering from diabetes, then the possibility of having this disease increases in such a person.

So, if a person has diabetes due to hereditary reasons then it is called type-1 diabetes. Whereas in some people diabetes is caused by mainly due to wrong lifestyle and eating habits. This condition is called type-2 diabetes.


Diabetes can happen even from birth

The problem of diabetes type 1 can be seen in a child even from birth or even at a very young age, it can take hold of the child. In this condition, insulin is not produced inside the body at all.


This is because due to hereditary reasons, the pancreas stops producing insulin. It is basically an autoimmune disorder. That is, in this some cells of their own body react as foes of other cells and attack them and destroy them.


In diabetes type-1, some cells of our own body attack the cells of our pancreas, which inhibit the production of insulin. This causes the amount of sugar to increase in the blood.


Type 2 Diabetes is caused by these reasons also

Type-2 diabetes is caused by too much fat, high BP, not sleeping on time, sleeping late in the morning, too much intoxication and inactive lifestyle also.One of the causes of diabetes type 2 is low insulin production in the body. It can also be due to some physical reasons or wrong eating habits.

Due to less insulin, the cells present in the blood show very less sensitivity to this hormone. So, due to this the amount of glucose in the blood starts increasing and the person becomes a victim of type-2 diabetes.

When our pancreas makes a hormone called insulin, sugar or glucose does not flow in our blood. Rather, it gets stored in the body in the form of energy. When its quantity starts increasing, then we say that fat is increasing.

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When our body needs energy and we are unable to eat anything, then our body uses this stored fat, so that all the parts keep working properly. But in the absence of insulin, sugar is not stored in the cells and keeps circulating in the blood. Due to this, the red blood cells and white blood cells present in the blood are not able to do their work and due to which we start getting diseases quickly and even minor diseases take a long time to recover.


diabetes treatment

Diabetes Treatment 

If any patient has only sugar problem, then there is a difference in its treatment from the treatment of people who have other diseases along with sugar or diabetes. Once you have sugar, you can only control it, but you cannot get rid of it. Therefore, it is better to be as alert as possible before this disease occurs.


In the treatment of diabetes type-1, the patient has to be given insulin from time to time. Because in this condition insulin is not made in the body at all.


Diabetes type 1 is a hereditary disease, so it is tried to control it with lifestyle changes. At the same time, in type-2 diabetes, insulin dose is given only when needed. Otherwise, treatment is done with drugs that stimulate the pancreas to increase the production of insulin.


Along with this, emphasis should be laid on adopting the right lifestyle.

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