क्या देश में लगेगा संपूर्ण लॉकडाउन | क्या हैं Omicron virus | Omicron virus news

After the infamous delta variant, the Omicron variant is the latest covid mutation to be declared as a variant of concern by the WHO (World Health Organization). This is only the fifth variant to gain this status after alpha, beta, gamma, and delta. This new strain was first discovered in Botswana and then reported from South Africa. Currently, many facts are unclear about this Omicron strain but in this video, I explain whatever is known as of yet. I also discuss the policy of governments all across the world banning flights and declaring lockdowns as a result of fear from Omicron strain.

What does mutation mean?

According to researchers, this means that the virus can spread rapidly, but the disease will be mild or asymptomatic. The characteristics of Omicron indicate that it is the result of viral recombination, which is the interaction of two different viruses in the same host cell.

Symptoms of Omicron

The person infected with Omicron showed symptoms like fever, body pain, weakness, fatigue. After investigation, they were found to be Kovid positive. Also, the new variant was confirmed when the sample was sent to the lab.

No answer to many questions yet

The questions are yet to be answered whether Omicron is more contagious than delta, whether it causes severe disease or whether it will replace delta with the most prevalent variant in the world. Research is going on to know their answers.

Will there be a complete lockdown in the country?

At present, there is no such news of lockdown.

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