Anjali Arora: Dance to MMS Everything you need to know

Talking about Anjali Arora's bold dance video and MMS scandal as well as controversies, it also includes a disclosure in which she told that she had a night party with a Russian man with money. I have gone. Anjali herself had revealed this incident by coming forward. Apart from this, the expression of his love for Munawar Faruqui has also been filled with no fewer controversies. Anjali has confessed that she still loves Munavvar but Munavvar's reaction to this is different.

Anjali Arora was in the headlines for her hot dance videos on social media before the MMS scandal. These videos had not only increased his social media fan following but had also invited many trolls along with it. Anjali has also faced many negative comments regarding these videos.

It is said that Anjali was called on Kangana Ranaut's show 'Lock Up' due to the love-hate image on social media. Wherever she proved to be the most controversial and discussed contestant.

He had expressed his feelings for Farooqui. Anjali had said that she had fallen in love with Munavvar. However, Munawwar never responded to Anjali's expression. Not only this, Munavvar had advised Anjali to get treatment from a 'mind doctor' for this.

In the past, Anjali had come in tremendous headlines because a sex video was going viral in which people had mistaken the girl seen as Anjali Arora.

This video of Anjali was in discussion for a long time, but seeing the matter increasing, she herself came forward and clarified this matter. Anjali cried saying that the girl seen in this video is someone else. Anjali appealed to her parents and told people not to play with their honor.

Apart from this, the reaction of lock-up contestant Ajma Fallah regarding Anjali's MMS scandal was also in the news. There was a lot of tussle between Ajma Fallah and Anjali during the show as well. At the same time, even after coming out, these two do not miss any chance to pull each other's legs.

At the same time, Anjali had also come into the limelight due to a shocking revelation on her first show. She told host Kangana Ranaut during an episode that when she went on a trip to Russia, she went to a night party with a Russian man. He made this agreement for 5000 rubles i.e. about 27 thousand rupees.